HRBK completes successful defense of claims against $27 million estate and its beneficiaries

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HRBK represented a $27 million dollar estate and its two beneficiaries against claims by the beneficiaries’ two disinherited siblings. One of the disinherited siblings initiated the litigation by claiming that one-third of the estate belonged to him via his capacity as a partner of the deceased father and one of the beneficiaries. He also raised claims of an unconscionable transfer, lack of capacity, undue influence and tortious interference with an expectancy. HRBK obtained dismissal of each of these claims at the trial court level.

The other disinherited sibling claimed that one of the beneficiaries improperly obtained title of a one-fifth interest in a farm to her detriment. She valued her alleged one-fifth interest in the farm at $650,000.00.The trial court granted summary judgment in favor of the disinherited child and HRBK appealed. The Appellate Court for the Third District of Illinois reversed the trial court ruling and granted summary judgment in favor of HRBK’s client. The Illinois Supreme Court denied the disinherited child’s request to appeal the Third District’s decision.

HRBK’s clients paid nothing despite claims against them valued at $9 million dollars.

Jeffrey B. Rock and Dustin R. Jensen provided the representation for the estate and its beneficiaries.